Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy

The massage hot stone used for hot stone therapy is specially heated and placed on the skin or meridian of the human body. Because the hot stone has the energy of the earth, it acts on the part of the body and the whole system, and the heat is continuously supplied through the deep heat conduction method. Input into the body, and then conduction through the reflex points to stimulate and regulate muscle tissues and joints.

Since ancient times, hot stone therapy has been used by various therapists and health care practitioners all over the world. There are also Tibetan doctors who teach people to use hot stone massage to help the body recover after fasting, and there are also Native American Indians. The massage that is integrated with the natural world, many international researchers have combined the western principles of lymphatic drainage and the principles of the Chinese Tibetan chakras, which are especially suitable for the physique of the Easterners, such as cold, deficiency, dampness, and stagnation. Therefore, hot stone therapy is a special SPA treatment that is rare in the world.

Benefits of hot stone therapy
Effectively soften and decompose fat tissue, high temperature accelerates the metabolism of the whole body, and promotes the dissolution, fermentation and detoxification of fat cells. Use hot stones for lymphatic drainage, which will easily excrete toxins from the body.

Relieve stress:
When using hot stones for full body massage, it can relieve stress. Using hot stones for body massage can relax the mind, improve sleep, relax the body, increase energy, and relieve the pressure on the human body; when using hot stones for shoulder and neck massage, it can reduce the fatigue of the shoulder and neck, especially for long People who sit in the office and work in front of the computer will feel a lot of shoulder and neck fatigue after finishing the work.

Using aromatic plant essential oils to assist the hot stone, through the deepest massage, the blood circulation in the body's blood vessels and lymphatic obstruction areas is improved, and at the same time, the hot stone transfers heat to the body to balance energy in the body and burn fat.