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What is lapis lazuli ?
As an ancient gemstone, lapis lazuli has been loved by people from all over the world. In ancient China, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece were regarded as precious jade varieties. The lapis lazuli corresponds to the ajna chakra of the human body and helps to treat insomnia, headache, soothe mood and lower blood pressure. Lapis lazuli can also relieve eye fatigue and protect eyesight.

What is blue chalcedony ?
Blue chalcedony is well known as a beautiful gem,It is formed by the low temperature hydrothermal fluid containing silicate precipitated in the block rock of the Andesite. Blue chalcedony corresponds to the throat Chakra. Good improvement in chronic pharyngitis, oral cavity, thyroid body and lungs.

What is green aventurine ?
Green Aventurine jade is a kind of Aventurine, which is green because it contains chrome mica. Green Aventurine corresponds to the Heart Chakra. Long-term contact can keep people happy and relieve stress. It also relieves the disease of the heart and lung system. Green Aventurine can also supplement the trace elements and minerals needed by the human body.

What is yellow agate ?
Yellow agate is documented in both Old Testament and Buddhist texts, It is one of the seven gemstone. Yellow agate corresponds to the Nabhi Chakra , It has a good regulating effect on the gastrointestinal organs and can also moisturize the skin and improve some skin problems.
Rainbow Gemstone Mat

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