Benefits of Phonto Red Lights

1.Photon Light Assists in the Promotion of Better Wound Recovery
Unlike far infrared, photon light therapy has a shorter wavelength so it doesn’t penetrate as deeply. Photon therapy uses visible red lights at a wavelength of 660 nanometers. Red lights are used for the surface of the skin. When photons touch the skin, the body’s cells absorb energy.Photon light therapy supports the mitochondria, the part of the cell responsible for generating proteins and collagen. The new cells destroy old cells,promote cell metabolism.

2. Removal of toxins: Photon can remove harmful toxins in the human body, promote blood circulation and open pores, blood vessels and microcirculation to a certain extent.

3. Lowering blood pressure: People with high blood pressure use the photon bed, which can also lower blood pressure, improve blood oxygen capacity and reduce blood viscosity.

4. Eliminate fatigue: If a person is very tired, photon can be used. It has the effect of activating human cells to eliminate fatigue, and it is also helpful for removing body odor and foot odor.

5. Improve cell energy: photons can also increase cell energy, restore skin to a smooth and youthful state, and of course improve sleep quality.

6. Burn excess fat: Regular use of photons can also burn excess fat in the body and promote gastrointestinal motility, which also has the effect of losing weight.

7. Prevention and treatment of thrombosis: The use of the photon bed can also treat stroke and promote the body's metabolism, as well as prevent and treat thrombosis.