About zkheat

zkheat specializes in far-infrared heating pads.
zkheat has two registered trademarks in the United States: PHYMAT and ACADA

zkheat delivers advanced heating pad products that combine different therapy technologies, such as far-infrared (FIR), negative ions, photon light and magnetic therapy.

zkheat provides you with rich far-infrared hot stone heating pads. We produce far-infrared heating pads of jade, tourmaline, amethyst and other precious stones of various sizes. In addition, we also produce other products filled with jade, tourmaline, amethyst, and other crystals, such as belts, vests, pillows, etc.

zkheat far-infrared hot stone heating pads are produced by a professional factory located in the jade and tourmaline production area of Liaoning Province, China.
zkheat set up a factory in the raw material production area to produce PHYMAT brand and ACADA brand far-infrared hot stone heating pads.
Professional production workshop, strict production process and production technology. Every zkheat heating pad is rigorously tested before leaving the factory. We strive to provide every customer with high quality heating pads.
The establishment of a factory in the raw material production area ensures that the PHYMAT brand of hot stone heating pads can use high-quality jade, tourmaline, amethyst and other gemstones to produce hot stone heating pads. At the same time, it also greatly reduces our raw material procurement and labor costs in the production process. In addition, we use online sales, which also greatly reduces our operating costs. Based on these two measures, zkheat can provide you with more favorable prices while ensuring product quality

All zkheat far-infrared heating pads use a combination of negative ions, far-infrared rays and natural stones to give you optimum therapy effect. The pads are tested to make sure they contain the highest amount of far-infrared rays and negative ions.