Ions Therapy

What is a Negative Ion

Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are created in nature by the effects of water, air, sunlight and the Earth’s inherent radiation.

Negatively-charged ions, also called anions, are most prevalent in natural places and particularly around moving water or after a thunderstorm.

That taste in the air and feeling you get at the beach, near a waterfall or after a storm is your body being exposed to negative ion benefits.

The feeling of improvement you get from a breath of fresh air on the morning of a camping trip is no coincidence. Because Natural negative ions are abundant in lush forests, mountains and near rivers, springs, and waterfalls.Usually, people feel refreshed, healthy, and energetic in these areas where anions are abundant.Negative ions are scientifically tied to a lot of wellness benefits.

   Why You Need More Negative Ions Indoors

Our homes and workplaces are usually sealed off from the natural benefits of negative ions. To make matters worse, air-conditioning systems, fluorescent lights, and electrical and computer equipment are all potential Positive Ion Generators while furnishings such as carpets and upholsteries have become what many have described as Positive Ion Prisons. Unless residing in the countryside, opening of windows and other air outlets/ inlets may not be beneficial. Large towns and city environments have sometimes been tested to have less than a third of the beneficial anions in the air when compared to country environments. Moreover, city environments also bring along an array of other damaging pollutants (e.g. Carbon Monoxide, VOCs).

We live in a living and working environment far away from nature and full of electronic devices.Positive ions are ubiquitous in such an environment.This may lead to headaches, and an overall feeling of decreased mood and energy.

Negative ions may be invisible, but their benefits for your wellness do not go unnoticed.Removing yourself from the clutter of your busy everyday life to relax can do wonders for your wellness.
Negative ions neutralize positive ones or free radicals, help to revitalize cells and maintain healthy immune function.

   The Benefits of Negative Ions

Negative ions neutralize positive ones or free radicals, help to revitalize cells and maintain healthy immune function.

Negative ion increase one’s sense of well-being and mental clarity by removing adverse effects of excessive positive ions in the indoor spaces (excess of positively charged ions in your environment is believed to be precursors of fatigue, increased tension, anxiety, and irritability)

Improves the function of cilia in your respiratory tract that protect your lungs from inflammation and irritation, leading to less instances of respiratory illnesses like colds, and even hayfever and asthma

Improved performance levels and focus (Research at the University of California have been proven that negative ions normalize serotonin levels in the brain, potentially improving a person’s positive outlook and mood)

Enhanced sleep quality (Negative ion are known to improve sleep patterns due to the positive effects in normalizing serotonin production in the brain)

Reduces instances of headaches and sickness (Surrey University study at the Norwich Union Insurance Group Headquarters exhibited the effectiveness of using negative ion air cleaners in reducing sickness and and migraines by 78% in the workplace)